An article that appeared in the Macarthur Advertiser Circa 18th September, 2013.

Rev Andrew Carlisle commenced his placement at Campbelltown on 1st September, 2013


Rev. Andrew Carlisle is the new minister of Campbelltown Uniting Church. Picture:Jeff de Pasquale

ANDY CARLISLE is the new minister at Campbelltown Uniting Church. He was born in Scotland and moved to Australia two decades ago.

Sum yourself up: Fairly laid back, with a dry sense of humour. I don’t think I have a very strong accent but others may disagree. I’m interested in helping people and have a keen sense of social justice.

Are you excited about being the new minister? Of course, although a little nervous as well. It takes time to get to know people.

Why the move to Campbelltown? My position in Wollongong was coming to an end so I started to look around for a new church. Campbelltown seemed a place I could contribute.

What will you bring to the church? Experience, some guitar playing, some imagination and a desire for people to grow spiritually.

A secret not many people know about you? In spite of being Scottish, I don’t actually like bagpipes and haggis.

Your greatest fear? I’m fine with spiders and snakes, not so good with heights and flying, but the most serious answer would be (like many people) my greatest fear is failure.

If you could have dinner with any three people who would they be? My dad (because he died 30 years ago), Desmond Tutu (because he has such a sense of joy despite very difficult times) and Jesus (obviously!).

You’re a Glasgow Rangers and Arsenal fan. If they ever met in the champions league final, who would you support?  Rangers as they are the team that I grew up supporting. My boys, on the other hand, would be supporting the Gunners (unless Rangers were 3 up!). I have to say this scenario is very unlikely as Rangers are playing in the lower divisions in Scotland.

One thing you can’t live without? Coffee first thing in the morning.

We acknowledge the traditional owners of the land, the Dharawal people, and pay repect to elders past, present and emerging

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