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Eco Awards Sunday 23rd July

This Sunday we receive the Five Leaf Clover Award Reward which we were to get when Covid struck 3 years ago. This has been due to the work of the Sustainability Action Group ,formed in 2017 to do all, we as a Church could do to make God’s earth more Sustainable. To get it we did the following:


Installed 2 6kw solar systems to lower our electrical usage

Put low energy lights in the Church, Literacy Centre , Hurley House and Karitane Building.

Put in a low energy Hot Water system into Literacy centre for showers as part of Loaves and Fishes.


 Held a Bees Day to encourage bees in our gardens and built Bee Motels 60 people attended 2019

Held a Luncheon to encourage people to eat less meat. 40 people attended in 2021

Built a native garden and installed a 5000 litre water tank


 Ran plastic free July over several years to lower the use of plastic.

Achieved 60% of the congregation taking soft plastics back to Woolworths etc until it closed.

 Marched with the Students on Climate Change Day.

Displayed banners on the need for Climate change

Spoke to the Baptist Church on reducing plastics


Held service in the Botanic Gardens and Koshigaya Park

Converted all toilets to dual flush.

 Converted our rubbish bin to Red, Green and Yellow bins to lower the amount going to the tip

Promoted Colgate bamboo toothbrushes to replace plastic ones.

Wrote to the PM about Climate Change, to a member of parliament to protect Koalas locally and to Campbelltown Council about chemical sprays.

We have a collection point for batteries and used clothes.

Run a FAIR TRADE stall selling reusable products

Promoted a new way of recycling to replace RED CYCLE. Recycle SMART promoted by Council

Now use coffee beans on our gardens rather than tossing them out.

Sunday services

Sunday services are held at 9.00am.

Fijian services are held at 11.00am, except for the first Sunday of the month when our Fijian congregation attends our 9.00am service.

Just to let you know that the Sunday English language service will continue to be streamed live on Facebook as usual. We would love to welcome you in person, but the service streamed on Facebook offers an alternative on Sunday mornings or at any convenient time.


The Church has opened a “Loaves and Fishes” mobile food van in conjunction with Bill Crews Exodus foundation. The van will be open for a FREE lunch for those in need on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11.00am. A cool meal for the second day will be supplied. Any one you know who is finding it tough is welcome. We would be grateful if you could spread the word.

Coffee and tea are available from 10.30am. On Fridays from 9.30am shower and laundry facilities are available. Everything you need will be provided.

Plastic Free July

Over July we were reminded of the prevalence of plastic, the damage it does to our environment and to our health. We will continue to be challenged about single use plastic and the changes we can make as individuals, as a church and as a society.

COVID Safe church

We are a congregation that takes the safety of those attending very seriously.

Currently we have no restrictions as to who may attend our services, but we still ask that normal precautions be taken, and you may wish to wear a mask .


If it is not convenient for you to give in person at our Sunday services, you may wish to use direct debit. The following are our bank details.

BSB 634 634

Account Number 100014276

Uniting Financial Services.

What we do ecologically

A couple of years ago, prompted by the War on Waste program on the ABC, some of us got together to talk about why we are interested in our responsibility for the environment as Christians and as concerned individuals. We know that we reflect a wider concern within our congregation. Our church life profile from the recent survey tells us that there is not one of us who thinks that, as Christians, we do not have a responsibility to care for the environment. While 74% of us said we are active, 26% said that they were not.

Our conversation was wide ranging and lively. We have so many ideas. Each of us has taken away one thing to research for the next meeting. The aim is to help each member of the congregation find ways that we can act to lessen the impact our lifestyle has on the environment. We will also be looking at ways that Campbelltown Uniting can take steps to recycle and make well informed purchases.