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Sunday services

Just to let you know that tomorrow’s service will be streamed live on Facebook as usual. However, due to changes in government regulations, we are allowed people! So, if you are double vaccinated and happy to wear a mask, you’ll be most welcome. You will need to proved evidence (of course). If you haven’t already, you might like to link your vax certificate with the service NSW app (yes – it can be done now)

there will be no Zoom morning tea this week – you might like to think of options for continuing something like it.

PFizer Vaccine

We are running a Pfizer vaccine day on Friday 8th October from 10.15 to 2pm. All people over the age of 12 can now have Pfizer vaccine. A second dose will be available on 29th October. Although there is no need to book it would be helpful if you could contact John Russell Unit One 46 22 5001 to give us some idea of numbers. Vaccines are supplied and injected by staff of Aspen Medical.

Also while it may not apply to you, the Church is opening a “Loaves and Fishes” mobile food van in conjunction with Bill Crews Exodus foundation. The van will be open for a FREE lunch for those in need on Mon, Wed and Friday at 11.30am. A cool meal for the second day will be supplied. This starts on Monday 25th October. Any one you know who is finding it tough is welcome. We would be grateful if you could spread the word.

Plastic Free July

Over July we were reminded of the prevalence of plastic, the damage it does to our environment and to our health. We will continue to be challenged about single use plastic and the changes we can make as individuals, as a church and as a society.


Now that, once again, we can only worship online, with services streamed on Facebook, it is obviously not possible to bring our offerings to church. We’d encourage the continuing use of direct debit. Details are below.

BSB 634634

Account Number 100014276

Westpac – Financial Services.

The church office will be open on Friday mornings until further notice.

What we do ecologically

A couple of years ago, prompted by the War on Waste program on the ABC, some of us got together to talk about why we are interested in our responsibility for the environment as Christians and as concerned individuals. We know that we reflect a wider concern within our congregation. Our church life profile from the recent survey tells us that there is not one of us who thinks that, as Christians, we do not have a responsibility to care for the environment. While 74% of us said we are active, 26% said that they were not.

Our conversation was wide ranging and lively. We have so many ideas. Each of us has taken away one thing to research for the next meeting. The aim is to help each member of the congregation find ways that we can act to lessen the impact our lifestyle has on the environment. We will also be looking at ways that Campbelltown Uniting can take steps to recycle and make well informed purchases.